Dog behaviour and safety concerns at Station Beach

The issue at the heart of a dog off-leash is that you can never know with certainty how it will behave around other dogs, and indeed around humans. It may see other dogs as a threat and charge forward or might snap or bite at an unsuspecting stranger. In public recreational spaces, such as Station Beach, we believe there are serious safety issues related to dogs being on-leash or off-leash. The rise in dog attacks on the Northern Beaches is cause for alarm.

Whilst dog owners and supporters are confident that the health and safety risks are minimal, dogs on Station Beach have already reduced the safety and amenity of beach users since the exercise area commenced from 1 January 2020. In particular, for young families who have long been attracted to the beach for its gentle slope and small tidal waves, which allows children to play safely on the water’s edge, have now been involuntarily forced elsewhere to avoid the potential of unprovoked encounters with dogs.