New signage, new rules protecting Station Beach from dogs

Since the NSW Land and Environment Court ruling in November, the Palm Beach Protection Group is proud to report that the community has embraced no dogs on Station Beach, which has allowed for the safe return of families and young children to the Station Beach foreshore. Many have also commented on the spectacular return of resident and migratory birdlife, which are no longer disturbed by dog activity. Notably, over summer, we have not witnessed the previous large number of dogs trampling the seagrass and the foreshore area is much cleaner. The beach and its surrounds have now returned as a pristine, tranquil and safe location, allowing the endangered Posidonia australis seagrass its best chance to thrive.

Earlier this month, Northern Beach Council upgraded the ‘Dogs Prohibited’ signage, located at the Beach Road entry to Station Beach, adjacent to the Boathouse and mid-way along the beach. The signage now stipulates that dogs are prohibited and penalties apply of up to $1,100. While the vast majority of the community is acting in a compliant manner, there are still a number of individuals who are not respecting the law or the environmental sensitivity of the seagrass ecosystem by bringing their dogs onto the beach foreshore and permitting their dogs to swim over the seagrass.

We appreciate the Northern Beaches Council rangers enforcing the no-dogs policy and encourage you to please report all incidents of dogs on-leash or off-leash at any time. Please continue to contact Council regarding any dog incidents. Council can be contacted on 1300 434 434 or our website provides additional details to do this – see here under Frequently Asked Questions and What You Can Do To Assist.