Off-leash dog attacks a Seal at Long Reef Beach

The Palm Beach Protection Group has long stated that dogs on beaches leaves native wildlife vulnerable to attack.

As reported by The Manly Daily on 4 November 2020, Northern Beaches Council is investigating an incident in which members of the public reported that a dog has attacked a seal at the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve near Long Reef Beach. The large, male seal, which had been sleeping in the day in different spots between Long Reef and Fisherman’s Beach was on the sand when an off-leash dog began harassing it. Northern Beaches Council has received photographs of the incident which show a black dog allegedly harassing the seal in an unprovoked attack.

Sadly, this incident once again confirms the live reality that is being experienced at Station Beach – complacent dog owners who just ignore regulations and signage, displaying a total disregard to the broader natural ecosystem and our call to protect the native marine life.

Note: above image source РThe Manly Daily / Sue Moody 4 November 2020