Station Beach as a family beach is under threat from dogs

Under the proposed off-leash trial, we believe Station Beach will effectively become a ‘dog’s beach’. Permanent offshore markers and onshore signage will alter the character and use of the beach, irrespective of the off-leash times proposed. This change of use will be at the exclusion of many others who may wish to visit the beach undisturbed. What was once a peaceful, safe, family-friendly beach will become an exclusive dog’s beach forcing many people away.

The proposed trial is not intended to make Station Beach a private on-leash or off-leash dog area. However, this is what will occur as many members of the community will stop using the Beach to avoid the potential conflict from dogs being off-leash.

The Palm Beach Protection Group has already noticed in 2020 that the use of Station Beach is changing following the introduction of on-leash dogs from 1 January. We have noticed that most dogs entering the beach are unleashed by their owners. Families are now cautious about being exposed to unrestrained dogs on the beach.