Council pursues feasibility of off-leash dog areas at North Palm Beach & Mona Vale beaches

On 28 July 2020, Northern Beaches Council passed the following resolution:

Council do all things necessary to prepare a report for Council’s consideration regarding the public exhibition of a trial along a set portion of North Palm Beach, and at the southernmost end of Mona Vale Beach.

The Palm Beach Protection Group has serious concerns regarding off-leash dogs on any beach due to the sensitivity of these areas and the impact on the environment. We call on Northern Beaches Council to explain precisely why these two beaches were chosen as feasibility sites without a rigorous examination of alternative sites, including non-beach sites. We note that the proposed trial of off-leash dogs at Station Beach was considered without examining alternative locations, something that the NSW Department of Crown Lands and the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) have asked Council to undertake.

We look forward to receiving from Council any information on the proposed feasibility of sites and Council applying appropriate process and environmental scrutiny. We remain committed to protecting our beach environment for future generations.

Click here: Northern Beaches Council : Notice of Motion No 33/2020 – Activation of Beach Space for Dog Exercise