Mitigation measures to protect the seagrass at Station Beach remain inadequate

The potential impact on any seagrass meadow depends on the level of disturbance and accessibility. Various research papers note that Posidonia australis has low capacity to respond to disturbance (Unsworth et al, 2015; O’Brien et al, 2018 and Meehan & West, 2000). Currently the proposed REF mitigation measures conditions include that markers must be installed 3m east (shoreward) of the seagrass beds and off-leash dogs are to remain east of these markers. This will be supported by multiple signs that will be installed at entry points to Station Beach, along with regular compliance patrols.

We believe these measures are inadequate and we dispute Council’s capacity to effectively manage off-leash dog use in accordance with the Review of Environmental Factors report.

Note: The above image is of one of the proposed three buoys to be installed three metres from the edge of the seagrass bed at Station Beach and positioned approximate every 200m along the approximate length of the off-leash area.